CUDA on the 8400GS PCI -- Does it work? Hopefully a simple question!

While the 8400GS is on the officially supported list, considering this is the only card with a PCI flavour on the list, I am a little hesitant to trust it outright.

Has anyone confirmed that CUDA apps will work on the PCI version of the 8400GS?

(sidenote : I know how much of a dog it will be, but my linux dev box is fairly old and I simply want something to get my feet wet with until I can afford a full upgrade in 6 months or so)

Yeah it does. PCIe and PCI are compatible in such a way that you can convert one into the other, and the driver doesn’t even need to know about it. Ie, you can build a transparent bridge.

P.S. Albatron makes a PCI 8600GT. Contact them directly to buy one.