looking for G8x PCI or AGP (1x) card in Germany


I already posted some stuff about what I’m trying to do:

Therefore I need an nVidia card, at least G8400, for my old computer.
Unfortunately this computer only has some PCI and one AGP (1x) interface.
I do NOT have PCI-Express or AGP 4x or AGP 8x.

Does anybody know where I can get a PCI or AGP (1x) card that
works with CUDA?

I searched ALL online and ‘physical’ shops listed on the nVidia.de
‘where to buy’ page but didn’t find anything.

SPWorley was so kind to give me a link to Newegg:

But I cannot order there as Newegg seems to be located in the USA and
I am here in Germany.

If someone knows a shop in or near Nuremberg or any online shop
that deals with these cards then PLEASE let me know!

Thanks a lot in advance,


PS: I hope I am in the right forum for this post :unsure:

I am searching for something similar – I’m interested in transitioning to CUDA but want to go in small steps. I have an older system that doesn’t have a PCIe slot…

Anyway, I found this:


It’s not Germany, but perhaps they will ship to Germany.

Try a Sparkle 8500 GT PCI


probably good for development purposes, but due to the PCI bottleneck it will be hard to get good performance out of it.


Thanks cbuchner and Mike,

via the Google link I came to ‘knick24.de’, they have a G8600GT, said to be for PCI
(non-Express). But to make sure it is not PCI-Express I send them an email asking
for the interface. I didn’t get an answer yet, when I do so, I’ll let you all know.
At the end I now hav to pay 87 Euro, actually I planned to pay ~50 Euro :(
But it seems the only way to come to a card to test CUDA.
Somehow I have the feeling in Germany the cards are much more expensive.

Sorry Mike, I can’t order in Australia, that’s the farest Internet shop I can think of ;)
But thanks nevertheless!



Ok these guys just didn’t answer my mail. But they took the PCI card away from their

shop site. Seems as if they don’t want to sell it any more and it also seems as

if they are not interested in new customers (otherwise they would answer my inquery).

Kick knick24.de - into the trash can!!!

I mailed sales@albatron.com.tw, a guy named Robert said his colleague will help me.

Let’s see if it works this time to get my GeForce 8x PCI card…

I picked up my PCI 8500 GT in a store. K&M Elektronik will also ship it. It is definitely slower than the Albatron 8600 GT, but it is also passively cooled. It costs around 65 Euros. I found it to be the only PCI product that is readily available in Germany right now.

Beware, the card gets hot (~100 degrees celsius) when the air flow in the case is poor.



first: I revoke my bad criticism about knick24.de - they DID answer me, but the mail went into the junk mail (spam mail) folder. Bless knick24.de! (they said they don’t have the card any more)

second: yeeha thanks Christian!!!
I order one in the K&M shop Nuremberg.
Without you I would never have gotten this card! :*

But tell me - is 100° Celsius a problem?
Can you burn down your house by using this graphics card?

Otherwise no problem - at least I won’t get cold feet now in winter…

Just make sure it is not crammed into the lowest slot with poor air circulation - like I had to do because of some other hardware that was in the way;)

Ok I now bought it, here:


Shipping to Germany made US 29.99 - so I paid US 104.98 ~77 Euro.

I paid via PayPal - you register there, give them your account data, make a simple verification
process (you must wait 2-3 days therefore) and then you can pay in money to your PayPal
account using giro transfer (“Lastschrift”). Wherever you buy at eBay.com - you can send the
seller money in many currencies - also US $. The PayPal service is for free :)