PCIe Graphics Slot?

Hi All

I had a quick question. I search the forums for a little bit but didn’t find what I was looking for. I currently have a Radisys Q35 running Window XP with a GTX 470. I have 2 PCIe slots. It is my understanding that the PCIe x16 is meant for the graphics card and the PCIe x4 is meant for any other PCIe card.

I plugged the GTX470 to the PCIe x4, in hopes to use the on board video chipset to drive the display and use card in x4 slot. I booted up my PC just fine and the device managed lists the GTX470. Unfortunately, when I run “NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK Browser” and run device query, it does not detect any CUDA devices.

Should I expect this configuration to work? or this isn’t possible?

Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. If you were wondering… I would like to use the PCIe x16 slot for my Adaptec RAID card.

Last year I had a similar issue with my Intel DG45ID (G45 chipset) motherboard. The problem with that motherboard is that Intel doesn’t support running the onboard graphics simultaneously with a PCIe video card.

In my case, the only way to recognize the GPU was to disable the onboard graphics. This was disappointing.

Googling reveals you have 2 PCIe x16 slots with one running at x4 so the solution might be to disable the onboard graphics in your BIOS and use the GTX470 as your display card.

You can always try temporarily plugging in an extra monitor to the GTX470 and booting in order to see if your BIOS is less restrictive than what I had on the DG45ID. I’m dubious it will work and may just wind up auto-switching to the PCIe video card and disabling the Q35’s graphics (check your BIOS).

One other point… I almost 100% sure you’re not going to gain any meaningful benefit by putting a RAID card in a x16 slot unless you’re running an uber RAID array or have a x8 RAID card. x4 already provides massive bandwidth for most RAID arrays. Note that the Q35 supports PCIe 1.1 so I would definitely want to put the GTX470 into the x16 slot (closest to CPU).


Check the video settings in your BIOS to see if you can specify something like “enable IGP and PCI graphics/default to internal graphics processor”.