Performance of drop-frame-interval vs framerate cap in GStreamer pipline

Hi, I have a question regarding the nvv4l2decoder GStreamer plugin. I need to decode multiple 1080p 25 FPS H.264 streams with GStreamer targeting a consistent 1 FPS. Let’s say I’m not CPU bottlenecked and the GPU is GTX 1080 Ti. Which one of these pipelines would perform the best and is preferred?

rtspsrc location="url" ! parsebin ! nvv4l2decoder drop-frame-interval=25 ! nvvideoconvert ! autovideosink
rtspsrc location="url" ! parsebin ! nvv4l2decoder ! videorate ! "video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),framerate=1/1" ! nvvideoconvert ! autovideosink


It may depend on which display sink is picked by autovideosink. Please share the information with:

$ export GST_DEBUG=*FACTORY*:4

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