Perfworks plugin for PIX unsupported

This is probably the wrong forum, but I couldn’t find a better one.

PIX is giving me the following error in the timeline window:
This feature is unavailable because the GPU Plugin failed to initialize. See the Warnings view or Output view for more details.

The output view contains the following log message:
PU Plugin initialization failed: 0x81dd0100 () - This hardware configuration is unsupported by Perfworks. If you are using SLI, please disable this feature to enable Perfworks support.

I am not using SLI. I’ve got a RTX 2080 Super. I’ve selected “Allow access to GPU performance counters for all users” in the NVidia Control panel.

Any idea what could be the cause of this?

Thank you for the inquiry. For PIX related questions, please contact Microsoft via the “Send Feedback” button in the top corner of PIX?

Hi suxu,

I’m aware that PIX is a Microsoft tool but the Perfworks plugin is from NVidia, isn’t it? I doubt that Microsoft will be able to help me with the plugin, or will they?

It says, that PerfWorks has been replaced by NSight Perf SDK, so I think this is the right forum since there is no forum for PerfWorks

Yes Microsoft can help collect more information and logs and send the details to us as needed for further debug.


Just to follow up to see if you have contacted and got any feedback from Microsoft on this issue. I also wanted to confirm that RTX 2080 is supported by the Nsight Perf SDK used by PIX.

I just installed the latest version and it its working now. Looks like they’ve fixed it.
My apologies, I should have tried that before I posted.

08/16/22 21:22:49.5312: Loading GPU plugin…
08/16/22 21:22:49.5593: - C:\Program Files\Microsoft PIX\2208.10\PPI-imdp.dll does not support this adapter
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: 15400 > HResultException created:-2147467262
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: - using C:\Program Files\Microsoft PIX\2208.10\PPI-NVIDIA.dll
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: GPU plugin loaded.
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: Name : NVIDIA
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: Description: NVIDIA PIX GPU Plugin [*]
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: Version : 0.1
08/16/22 21:22:49.5713: GUID : 242942e3-d22d-49a2-82d4-80192dd02539
08/16/22 21:22:49.8337: 15400 > PPI-NVIDIA: Using LOP (low-overhead Perfworks)
08/16/22 21:22:49.8337: 15400 > PPI-NVIDIA: Warp Tracing is deprecated by driver and LOP
08/16/22 21:22:49.8867: 15400 > PPI-NVIDIA: Device information: Device:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER GPU:TU104

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Great news! Thanks for the update.

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