Perfkit and GTX 8800 incompatible? Perfkit doesn't work with GTX 8800

Hi All,

I’ve downloaded CUDA, and all other useful software from NVidia to do some GPU Programming on an XP 64 bit machine. I was hoping to use PerfKit 2.1 (the latest available for XP 64 bit) to measure the performance of my application, but it seems that the best driver “97.92_forceware_winxp64_english_whql.exe” doesn’t work with it.

In the Perfkit documentation, there’s no graphic card in the G80 category listed.

I am aware that CUDA has some profiling capabilities, but I would still like to use the PerfKit.

Any suggestions, or facts?



Unless NVIDIA has some very neat magic built into CUDA, you won’t be able to use PerfKit with it anyway as CUDA does not entertain a graphics context. I don’t see how PerfKit could attach to CUDA resources.


Also, CUDA doesn’t work on 64-bit operating systems yet, last I saw.

Not sure about the 64 bit part. I have a 64 bit machine and I was able to compile the OpenGL examples, and I ran some of the examples.

All the code was compiled in 32 bit.

Regarding PerfKIt, and forgetting CUDA for a moment, it seems PerfKit doesn’t support G80 yet. Anybody had any luck otherwise?