pgf90 suffix error

I’m trying to compile a Fortran file with pgf90, and I keep getting this error:

pgf90-Error-file with unknown suffix ignored:

The man page says that pgf90 will recognize the extension .f, and will compile it. This is the pgf90 that comes with version 5.2-2.

Actually, the pgf90 executable won’t recognize -V as a valid switch.

pgcc compiles just fine, and recognizes -V, so I got the version number from that.

Sounds like a problem with the installation or configuration of pgf90 since “-V” should work fine as well as the recognition of “.f”. When “-V” is used, the compiler driver (pgf90) is actually restarted since you could use “-V5.1” which would use the 5.1 compilers (if installed). So if “-V” doesn’t work, it’s most likely that it can’t find pgf90 in the location it was orginally installed. Try running the following commands and please post the output.

which pgcc
which pgf90
pgf90 -dryrun x.f


It was a problem with configuration, as you said.

I had wanted to work around having to change each user’s .login by linking everything in the pgi bin directory to /usr/local/bin, but that didn’t work.

It was a path problem.

Thanks for your help.

Symbolic links from /usr/local/bin/pgxxx to $PGI/…/bin/pgxxx should work; you should only need to link the executables (pgf90, pgf77, pgcc, pgCC). Particularly, you don’t want to link the rcfiles.

symlinks to /usr/local/bin of the executables work fine for me.
However I have also set the global variables


and an addition to MANPATH