I have just installed PGI and I followed right the installation notes.

I’m using the evaluation license.

I have tried to compile the example. The command exits immediately whit this error

pgf77-Error-file with unknown suffix ignored: fftpde.F
pgf77-Warning-Unknown switch: -o
pgf77-Error-file with unknown suffix ignored: fftpde

… where do I get wrong?

many thanks

Hi serafini,

It’s most likely an install or environment issue. What is the output of the following commands? Also make sure your envoking the pgf77 found in your install directory (like /usr/pgi) not the one that’s in the installation package.

uname -a
which pgf77
pgf77 -dryrun x.F


Thanks Mat,

I did not have installed gcc on my machine so the installation was not complete !!!

ciao e thanks