PGI install on Debian

Hello I Tried installing PGI 10.3 on a Debian machine, apparently the install scripts runs ok but when I try to execute the test command “pgif77 -V X.f” all I get is the following error:

pgf77-Warning-Unknown switch: -V
pgf77-Error-file with unknown suffix ignored: X.f

I’ve set up my shell variables (PATH, MANPATH, LM_LICENSE_FILE) just as install.txt tells. Any ideas why is this happening?



Make sure that you have permissions to execute the programs and drivers
and rcfiles in the
$PGI/linux86(-64)/10.3/bin directory.

If you do, send the output of
pgf90 -dryrun x.f

which will provide a view of what the pgf90 driver actually does, without
executing. Send it to


Ok, I think I found the solution, the problem was that I had a previous version of PGI installed and there were some conflicts, it’s solved now, thanks.