pgi: command not found


i ve just installed the trial version of pgi but the command pgf77 returns an error essage that the command is not found.

i use the tcsh shell and in my .tcshrc file, i defined the following

set path = (/opt/pgi/linux86/6.2/bin $path)
setenv MANPATH “$MANPATH”:/opt/pgi/linux86/6.2/man

it does not work

can it be related to owner or group options?

thanks in advance


Hi Ulas,

I’d first check if the compilers did get installed in /opt/pgi/linux86/6.2/bin. It’s possible that there was an installation problem. Note that if you’re using a 64-bit operating system that does not have 32-bit compatiabilty libraries install, then the 32-bit PGI compilers will not be installed.

If the compilers are installed, make sure that you sourced your “.tcshrc” file or opened a new shell to enable the new PATH.

  • Mat