installation failure

When I installed the pgf yesterday, I was able to run my model by using ‘make’. I did something (to try to solve other problems), and it’s not working anymore. The message is saying

make[1]: pgf90: Command not found

This morning I changed $PATH, and it might have caused the problem. However, I have no idea.

What should I do to make my machine to recognize pgf90/pgf77 that I installed?



If, for example, you
untar the compilers in /tmp/pgi,
and install them in /opt/pgi,
and the license is placed in /opt/pgi/license.dat

A shorthand of the setup and installation.

  1. untar the gunzip’d download into an empty area
    like /tmp/pgi


  2. run
    targetting the final /opt/pgi

  3. set up your configuration.
    setenv PGI /opt/pgi
    set path=($PGI/linux86/7.0/bin $path) ! for 32-bit by default
    set path=($PGI/linux86-64/7.0/bin $path) ! for 64-bit by default
    setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE $PGI/license.dat

or in bash

export PGI=/opt/pgi
export PATH=$PGI/linux86/7.0/bin:$PATH ! for 32-bit
export PATH=$PGI/linux86-64/7.0/bin:$PATH ! for 64-bit
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=$PGI/license.dat

and things should now work.