pgf77: command not found

I am trying to install community version pgilinux-2019-19.10-x86-64 version by following this link:
The only change I made the directory, default /opt/pgi to /home/…/…/software

In step 4 (Verify the release number of the installed software. It should say 19.1) of Installation steps for linux:

When I type pgf77 -V x.f
It says pgf77: command not found

but If I try pgf90 -V x.f
It says pgf90 19.10-0 LLVM 64-bit target on x86-64 Linux -tp skylake PGI compilers and Tools
Copyright © 2019, NVIDIA CORPORATION, All rights reserved.
PGF90/x86-64 Linux 19.10-0
Copyright © 2019, NVIDIA CORPORATION, All rights reserved.
PGF90-F-0002-Unable to open source input file: x.f
PGF90/x86-64 Linux 19.10-0: compilation aborted

Would anyone please help me?. Does it mean I have pgf90 but not pgf77?

Thanks in advance

Hi Hossan,

pgf77 has been deprecated and was not carried forward during our transition to using LLVM. You can still access it if you set your PATH to the older non-LLVM based compilers (i.e. PATH=$PGI/linux86-64-nollvm/19.10/bin:$PATH" where $PGI is the base directory where you installed the compilers).

Though, please consider using the “pgfortran” driver instead of pgf77 or pgf90. pgfortran includes support for F77, F90, F95, F2003, and some F2008.


Thank you, Mat

I guess, my system has pgf90.

When i type pgfortran -V
Output is pgfortran 19.10-0 LLVM 64 bit target on x86-64 Linux