pgf90 -g77libs

I installed pgf90 on SUSE 10.2.

When I try to use the command
pgf90 -g77libs -V
there is the warning message
pgf90-Warning-compiler installation did not find libg2c or libgfortran - -g77libs ignored.

I installed libgfortran (from libgfortran-4.1.2_20070115-0.11.i586.rpm) and g77 compiler (from compat-g77-3.3.5-42.1.i586.rpm) but it didn’t solve the problem.

How can I make pgf90 find the g77 support libraries?

Hi asdgfhg,

In your installation’s bin directories (both 32 and 64-bit), there is a file called “localrc” with a line the setting for “G77DIR”. During installation, if g77 or gfortran is found (it must be in your PATH), then the G77DIR variable will be set to the location of the GNU runtime libraries. If g77 or gfortran is not found, then it will be left blank.

Now that you have gfotran installed, you can either reinstall the PGI compilers or manually edit the ‘localrc’ files. For example:

set G77DIR=/opt/gcc-4.3.3/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.3.3/;

Hope this helps,