pgi 147 failes to compile mvapich2

I am trying to recompile mvapich2-1.9 with pgi cdk 147.
The configure failed with following:
checking whether real*16 is supported… yes
configure: error: Unable to configure with Fortran support because configure could not determine the size of a Fortran INTEGER. Consider setting CROSS_F77_SIZEOF_INTEGER to the length in bytes of a Fortran INTEGER

INTEL and GCC compilers are running without problem.


We fixed a number of things in the PGI compilers to get MVAPICH 2 to work.

We are working with the MVAPICH developers to get this working well.

try using the 14.10 compilers. I usually begin configuring

export FC=pgfortran -Mpreprocess -Mbackslash
export F77=pgfortran -Mpreprocess -Mbackslash
export CC=pgcc
export CXX=pgc++

and set what happens
./configure --prefix=/the/place/where/the/final/installation/resides


I’m using PGI 15.4 and trying to compile mpich-3.1.4.

I got the same error, and the proposed fix doesn’t work for that either.