PhysX 3.2.2: Vehicle.. wobbles around and moves uncontrolled


I’m trying to implement the vehiclesdk into my framework, i’m nearly finished with the vehicle - but it moves uncontrolled around and jitters/wobbles… shaking? I don’t know which word is correct >_<
I have no idea from what these behavior comes, i triple checked my vehicle against the vehicle sample from the sdk, i think i have done mostly the same. Maybe somebody has a hint for me or another sample or… something that helps :(

Also, it looks like the wheels are very static, it doesn’t looks like the suspension in the sample, but the values are equal… but i call the VehicleSuspension function and the updates function after that…

Has someone a hint or a solution?

Hi Lunatix!
If you could provide some code to which we could relate to, it would make helping a lot easier. Without knowing the code I would expect some functions being called twice, initialized with wrong values or have wrong values passed.
That’s what I can say for now. If you can get us some samples, then we could help some more.
Good luck.

I finally figured it out: My chassis where where rotated by the 3d modeller, so i transformed the localpose of the chassis shape (-90°, -90°, 90°) - when i corrected the vertices at loading time and left the shape as Matrix.Identity, the behavior was as it should be :)
Only thing now is, that the wheels are spinning very fast but don’t get much grip…

Is this a PxMaterial thing? But in the vehicle sample, the materials of the terrain are as mine on a plane (0.5f, 0.5f, 0.2f). My tires have “0.8f, 0.8f, 0.2f” and the chassis has “0.5f, 0.5f, 0.2f”. Engine has enough power, vehicle mass is around 1400 and the gravity is -9.81f… also, things are falling a bit slowly o_o

Any suggestions?

So, i figured this out, too.
Vehicle was to big and i had to correct some values… its almost not perfect now,
but that will be a bit more finetuning.

Thanks for trying to help, jaworekplay :)


Sorry for the difficult time with the vehicle controller, we are working on API and tools improvements to make tuning easier in a future version of the SDK.