Creating A vehicle From Scratch

Hello Every body
would you please help me with this problem.
i want to write a vehicle from scratch.
my vehicle contains a simple dynamic actor (one box shape) & 4 wheels with sphere shapes.
what should i do to make these actors behave like a real car?

i tried to joint wheels to body with prismatic types but it didn’t work.
also i want to know how to steer this vehicle???

please describe in simplest way.

thanks in advance


What is your PhysX version? If it’s 3.2.x you can use the Vehicle extension. Take a look into the Vehicles section of the physX User’s Guide. You also need to look into the samples. I think that that is the simple way to have a good looking vehicle.

I’m currently working on implementing vehicles using 3.2.2…and as mentioned by finalherizo, the Vehicle extension is the way to go. If your software setup allow you to use the 3.2.x versions. I would do so. Setting up the vehicle is a little involved, but if you follow the example it should be a little easier…