Simplest Vehicle Physx 3.3

Hi There,
I am in the middle of using the Physics Vehicle Class extension in order to set up a vehicle.
The set up seems extremely involved, despite having sample code to follow.

In the documentation there is a brief mention that some of the driving simulation data is set to default settings upon creation.

I was wondering, what implementation is truly needed to create the simplest driving model. Is the raycasting and batch querying needed? (I am having trouble implementing batch queries)

I tried PxVehicleUpdates(timestep,mVehicleGravity,*mSurfaceTirePairs,mNumVehicles,mVehicles,NULL);
but it also breaks.


Hi, you need to have the raycast working atleast to make it possible to drive. But I recommend that you get the batch query to work aswell, because there is a lot of useful data that you wouldn’t have access to if you skip that part.

The example and documentation for the vehicle class is really great, just copy it and rewrite it in your own “code style” and you will be able to drive vehicles in no time.


Have you taken a look at the vehicle snippets? That is the best place to get started with vehicles. It should be relatively straightforward to copy the main functions across to your application. You can then rewrite them as appropriate.

The vehicles are raycast vehicles. This means they use the results of raycasts to compute suspension and tire forces.

There is indeed a lot to configure. We’re working on making it easier to get started wtih a first vehicle and hope to make this available in future releases.



Hi Gordon,
That was very helpful.
I think the vehicle sdk will be extremely powerful if you can easily implement a very basic 4W vehicle and physX will benefit greatly from it.