PhysX Visual Debugger and Windows 10

Hi all,

I am trying to use the PhysX Visual Debugger on Windows 10(x64), but I can’t get my code (Visual Studio 2013) to Connect to the Debugger(2.0100.09.14356). I am using PhysX-3.3.3 (19456754) build local on the machine in debug Conf.

Code used:
if (gPhysicsSDK->getPvdConnectionManager() == nullptr)
std::cout << “No PhysX debug interface\n”; // code does not enter here

const char* pvd_host_ip = “”;
const char* pvd_file = “c:\temp\testvisual.pvd”;
int port = 5425;
unsigned int timeout = 100;

static PxVisualDebuggerConnection visualDebug = PxVisualDebuggerExt::createConnection(gPhysicsSDK->getPvdConnectionManager(), pvd_host_ip, timeout, PxVisualDebuggerExt::getDefaultConnectionFlags()/ getDefaconnectionFlags*/);
if (visualDebug == nullptr)
std::cout << “we are not connected!\n”;
std::cout << “we are connected!\n”;

The code does not connect succesfully to the debugger. If I use the createConnection with the file mode it does work without any Problems and can be loaded into the Debugger.

Does anybody here use the Visual Debugger on Windows 10 with success?

Many thanks for any input!