PhysX 2.8.x : Visual Debugger error with 64-bit application.

I’m having problem connecting to the Visual Debugger for PhysX 2.8.x with a 64-bit application using 64-bit PhysX 2.8.X SDK. The debugger displays the following error message box when connecting to it:

Stream error!

An error occurred while trying to execute a “Set Parameter” event.
A parameter was set without having previously been created.
This most probably means a NX_DBG_SET_PARAMETER was called without being preceded by a NX_DBG_CREATE_PARAMETER.
This is probably caused by a bug in the debug stream writing.
The stream will be locked, but can still be saved.

It seems to only happen when there is at least one joint in the scene.

The problem can be reproduced with the samples coming with the SDK:

  1. Start the Visual Debugger that comes with any 2.8.X SDK.
  2. Open \Samples\compiler\vc9win64\Samples.sln
  3. Add preprocessor definition SAMPLES_USE_VRD to the project SampleD6Joint.
  4. Build and run SampleD6Joint.
  5. The error message box will now popup on the Visual Debugger.

Everything works fine in 32-bit.

The Visual Debugger is the 32-bit version that comes with the SDK. I couldn’t find any 64-bit version. Is there any? I would have thought that the communication stream was independent though.

The new visual debugger PVD3 which should be backward compatible also crashes.