Visual Debugger view stuck in 2D?

I’m trying to debug my application with the PhysX visual debugger but the DirectX Render appears to be broken. It’s almost like there’s no view/projection matrix - no matter what visualizations I have enabled all I see are vertical and horizontal lines. Pressing WASD has no effect. Clicking and dragging to (presumably) change the camera angle changes nothing except the very tips of the “Coordinate system” arrows (of which only the X+Y/red+green axes are showing).

Here is a picture of what I can see with everything turned on:

Picking any of the options in the “Camera” menu has no effect. Changing the Up Axis for the camera changes whether the “Render Grid” is visible but changes nothing else about what’s visible. Am I missing some obvious setting or is there something wrong with the render on my computer?

I tried resintalling the PhysX visual debugger but it had no effect.