Debugging FleX -- objects don't move!

I’m testing out FleX for working with solids and fluids in the same simulation, but I’m having trouble getting started… I’ve followed the manual but I’m running into issues where my objects don’t move! Is there a way to access the raw NvFlexBuffer to see what the positions/velocities are, for debugging purposes? I’m casting them to glm::vec objects (native for OpenGL rendering), but doing that everything seems static, and I want to be sure that the problem isn’t with loading/unloading data from the graphics card.

Is there a way to verify that I have the correct version of CUDA as well? I originally had CUDA 11.2 and I received no errors from FleX… I went ahead and uninstalled in, and reinstalled CUDA 9 per the README, but that also didn’t change.

I’m really struggling to figure out the best way to debug what could be wrong – does anyone have suggestions?