PINMUX sheet: GPIO_Q0 and GPIO_M3 pins are not provided for Jetson Orion NX SODIMM connector


We wanted the GPIO pins GPIO3_PQ.00 and GPIO3_PM.03 to be used for bringing the Jetson Orion NX device to “device mode” for flashing through USB 2.0 port.

But we observe in the PIN MUX sheet that, these pins are hidden in PIN MUX sheet for Jetson Orion NX, They are not provided with external SODIMM pin numbers list.

Please clarify.


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I am not sure what to comment. Your understanding for the whole situation is still a mess.

I don’t know what is your point to use this two GPIO here. If this does not exist on Orin NX pinmux, then it does not exist on Orin NX SODIMM.

If so, then why are you trying to use this? As I already told in your original post, the real issue here is your communication with your hardware engineer. Stop asking new question about this and really try to read our previous comment on original post.