[pinmux] Why pinmux tool generates the different values from L4T 32.1?

I downloaded Jetson Nano Developer Kit Pinmux spreadsheet from download center.
I didn’t change anything in the table and generated dtsi files, but I found the generated files are different from the dtsi files in L4T 32.1 source (different from tegra210-porg-gpio-p3448-0000-a01.dtsi/tegra210-porg-pinmux-p3448-0000-a01.dtsi and different from tegra210-porg-gpio-p3448-0000-a02.dtsi/tegra210-porg-pinmux-p3448-0000-a02.dtsi).
Which is the correct default setting? (My Nano uses a02)

compare data by Meld

This issue happens to all pinmux spreadsheet w.r.t all platforms (TX1/TX2/Xavier).

I think you don’t need to worry about it. Just use the pinmux from jetpack. If you want to make your own carrier board, try to modify the pinmux spreadsheet. If you find a bug, please let us know.