Pip install isaac

Hello author, I have a problem. I followed the official document Python Environment Installation — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation and used the conda virtual environment to install isaac-sim in Windows. The conda virtual environment I used is python3.10, but I found that I cannot run the code and the carb library cannot be found. I look forward to your reply.

Have you tried import isaacsim?

I used vscode to develop scripts directly, without using methods like jupyter notebook, and I found that as long as the carb library was not used in the script, the script could be run successfully. Any script that imported the carb library could not be run. It seems that the conda virtual environment does not have the carb library, and I tried pip install, but could not locate and find this library and could not install it.

@BJ-669 would this post from the mod offer some pointer?

Try importing carb after you started the SimulationApp.

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Thanks, this is really useful, it works fine now!

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