Please add "My Posts" to forum menu on top right

It’s helpful to reply quickly, or edit and so on.
Currently we’ve to back to forum categories to check my posts.

Posting history is already available via your Activity:


Edit: Oh, you mean a direct link to

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I know the indirect reason: My avatar menu is hiden. So I never use it since I can’t see it.

Then this is another bug: Avatar Menu is hiden, since I can see my avatar in thread list. Maybe it is not zoomed to the size of avatar menu icon.


But it’s still more convenient if My Posts is listed in Avatar Menu.

The issue with your avatar is not a bug. I believe the issue is with your avatar being nearly all black.

Also, you can see your posts from the home page of the forums. Click on “My Posts”.

I don’t think so. If not a zoom issue, it should be a transparence issue.
Please see these:
Here is my origial avatar image in PNG format. (885 Bytes)

I just checked your account. I cannot see the avatar at any magnification or mouse over.


For testing purposes, can you please modify your avatar?

Done to this: (28.9 KB)

It is - the black circle is opaque with the cut out being transparent, so that won’t show up on a black background. This is the same with your updated avatar image:

The “solution” would be to create a fully opaque image.

Ok. Thanks! I’ll fill the transparent region by white.

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