Plug in the ConnectX®-5 first time is very hot after few minutes


I just have plug in for the first time the adapter and was very hot after few minutes ,

it should be ?

Note that i havent installed drivers yet and didnt do any firmware updates on it



Hello Sh,

Many thanks for posting your inquiry on the Mellanox Community.

Based on the information provided, some transceiver module can get warm. Make sure you use the latest f/w on the adapter as it supports many different cable-types. Also make sure you use a validated and support cable/transceiver based on the latest RN for the ConnectX-5 adapter →

Also make sure that the system is able to provide the needed airflow when using the specific cable/transceiver. You can find the air-flow matrix through the following →

When overheating takes place, you will see the following notification in the ‘dmesg’ file.

mlx5_temp_warning_event:496:(pid 0): High temperature on sensors with bit set 3 0

mlx5_port_module_event:1131:(pid 0): Port module event[error]: module 0, Cable error, High Temperature

When this happens, make sure the airflow of the system is sufficient. If all requirements are met, and you still are experiencing issues, please open a Mellanox Technical Support ticket (valid support contract needed) so we can debug the issue further.

Many thanks,

~Mellanox Technical Support


thanks for the answer

I didnt connect any cable on it , and was very hot after few minutes

for the air flow i just plug in it to simple windows PC in a cool room

do you think its an extreme environment ?

also after plugin it , so the PC wasnt able to detect the previous network card that was plugged before . do you have an idea why this occur ?