Plug nvv4l2h265enc is not hard coded

Hello, I have the following problems when using the Gstreamer plug-in: nv4l2h265enc plug-in.

system information:

  • NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier [16GB]
    • Jetpack 4.4 [L4T 32.4.3]
    • NV Power Mode: MAXN - Type: 0
    • jetson_stats.service: active
  • Libraries:
    • CUDA: 10.2.89
    • cuDNN:
    • TensorRT:
    • Visionworks:
    • OpenCV: 4.1.1 compiled CUDA: YES
    • VPI: 0.3.7
    • Vulkan:

Gstreamer command:
gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! nvvidconv ! nvv4l2h265enc ! rtph265pay ! udpsink

When I use this Gstreamer command,
CPU utilization is about 65%,

But when I use my own camera display program, the CPU usage is less than 20%,and jtop: NVENC can achieve 1075MHz.

This phenomenon shows that the plug-in nvv4l2h265enc is not hard coded.

Excuse me, how to solve this problem, or is the switch in some place not turned on?

Thank you very much for your help

Please set the property to nvv4l2h265enc:

  maxperf-enable      : Enable or Disable Max Performance mode
                        flags: readable, writable, changeable only in NULL or READY state
                        Boolean. Default: false

You should see NVENC engine at max clock.