I have a TX2 on JetPack3.2, with L4T R28.2

I edited /etc/rc.local to include /home/nvidia/, changed nvpmodel to MAXN (no constraints). On ./tegrastats, it shows PMIC as 100C. Is that normal?

Hi ryanz2v0a,

I think that value is always 100 even if you don’t change the power model.

So, I didnt break anything? It’s abit concerning cause I tried feeling around the board and couldnt find a hotspot.

Yes, looks like you didn’t break something. This is my tegrastats from TX1.

RAM 1178/3984MB (lfb 3x4MB) IRAM 0/252kB(lfb 252kB) CPU [4%@102,10%@102,40%@102,9%@102] EMC_FREQ 4%@68 GR3D_FREQ 0%@76 APE 25 AO@35C CPU@28C GPU@28.5C PLL@26.5C Tdiode@32.75C PMIC@100C Tboard@31C thermal@28C