Port Mirroring in SN2700

I need to duplicate data stream (RDMA) out of selected ports on SN2700 and route to a destination server or storage device. The destination server is connected to a different network built with SN2700 switch.
I want to confirm if the “port mirroring” feature of the SN2700 switch can accomplish this task.

The documentation says “port mirroring” is intended to monitor data traffic for analysis, etc. I am trying to use it to do multicast. It implies data coming out from the mirrored port is not same as the original data.


openflow can more suitable here.
But I suggest you can also advice with your Nvidia Networking SE to better understand the design and needs.

Thanks. I am not familiar with openflow, so wanted some clarifications.
In case of RDMA unicast or single destination it establishes queue pair and ack/nak protocols.
Now consider the case of multicast when a source send data to multiple destinations (traversing through multiple switches). Does the source receive ack/nak from all destinations? Does it need to know or care if there are multiple destinations (using openflow feature)?
It would be very helpful if you could point me to an example.