Ethernet traffic mirror by ACL


I need to setup traffic mirroring on Mellanox Spectrum switch.

I would like to mirror only selected traffic and not entire port.

In other vendor solutions I would setup ACL on port and use ACL action to mirror to analyser destination.

From what I understand from documentation it’s not possible in Mellanox Spectrum switches.

So could I setup port mirroring and then use ACL on analyser destination port to drop (deny) traffic I’m not interested in ?

Hi Andrzje,

Mellanox ACLs currently support just permit/deny actions, and can only be applied on ingress. Per page 662 of the User Manual for current GA 3.8.2110 states the following under the section for ACLs:

ACL support currently allows actions of permit or deny rules, and supports only ingress direction.


Kevin O’Neil

Mellanox Technical Support