Getting access from cisco switch


long story short, our team has been very broken due to contract items :( . We had a project where the experts at setting up this connection are no longer available. I have tried to configure our sn2100 to our cisco switch. Below are the options I have. What could I be missing ? I feel that I set up the trunk on the cisco side correctly ( I think). The sn2100 though shows its connected but I don’t see traffic going through.

cisco trunk:

interface TenGigabitEthernet1/10

switchport access vlan 410

switchport trunk allowed vlan 20,66,77,88,99,100,110-112,152,162,169,182

switchport trunk native vlan 410

switchport mode trunk


interface ethernet 1/16 switchport access vlan 410

interface ethernet 1/16 switchport hybrid allowed-vlan all

Thanks again for any advice someone can point out to get me going in the right direction.



Hello Javier,

On the Mellanox switch there are three different possible port types: trunk, hybrid and access.

-A trunk port always expects a tag and will drop ingress frames which don’t have one.

-Access ports expect frames with no tag and will drop ingress frames which have one.

-Hybrid ports will allow either tagged or untagged frames at ingress.

In your configuration snippet from the Mellanox it does not appear that you have the port configured correctly. Please see the following link for configuring ports on a Mellanox switch which will better explain each of the three port types as well as how to allow/not-allow VLANs on these ports: