Native vlan and still want tagging

I have a setup where we want multiple mellanox switch ports to be trunked to a set of servers. Some will be running ESX, some running other things, from what i understand. We want a specific VLAN to be set as the native vlan on all the trunk ports to handle any traffic that comes in untagged. We want to have an allowed set of VLANs on that trunk. Within that allowed set of VLANs, we want traffic tagged with the network we have set as the native VLAN to be allowed

When i set the trunk as a hybrid port and set the PVID as the native vlan, i can not include that VLAN id as one of the allowed VLANs on the trunk portion of the configuration The message says it fails because that VLAN is already configured as the PVID.

Is it possible to have a trunk configured as hybrid and allow untagged traffic assigned to a partricular VLAN, but also allow tagged traffic on that trunk on that particular VLAN?

do i have to change the config so that id doesnt have a set of allowed vlans as much as it allows all except all the ones i dont want? Will that accept the tagged traffic from the PVID vlan?

Hi Rob,

Unfortunately, the Native VLAN of a Mellanox Onyx Hybrid type port cannot be allowed on the trunk side of the port, this is not supported at this time.

Thus Native VLAN tagged frames ingress on a Hybrid port are dropped, same as they would for an access port of the same VLAN.

it is possible to change the native vlan ID 1 to ID 1999