Portrait graphics slower than landscape

Hi, When I configure xorg (or weston) for portrait display (rotation left or right) I notice that it is much more juddery than when in landscape. It does not maintain a smooth 60fps.

I have used HD videos (encoded @ 60) and displayed with gstreamer and also a very basic opengl program to test this. It is always butter smooth in landscape (HD or UHD) and juddery in portrait (HD or UHD).

Our application requires portrait, so … please help!


Robin Carlisle

Please share steps of changing Ubuntu desktop to potrait mode and profiling fps. We can try to reproduce it and then do further check.

Hi Framestore,

Have you managed to get issue resolved? If not, please share steps of changing Ubuntu desktop to potrait mode and profiling fps, then we can try to reproduce it.

Hi, sorry for delay. I am off for xmas so cannot get repo steps until next year. Will update then.




I run X standalone (without GDM) using the service file attached.

I have also attached 2 xorg.conf files we use for 1080p60 landscape and portrait.

I have attached a test program binary (syncBars) which gives an easy visual indication of whether the graphics are smooth or not. It is a C++ program using OpenGL and glfw. I can provide source if you want to check it.

apt install libglfw3

When in landscape mode, run the syncBars application like this :-

DISPLAY=:0 syncBars 0 0 1920 1080 1 8 8

When in portrait mode, run the syncBars application like this :-

DISPLAY=:0 syncBars 0 0 1080 1920 1 8 8

You will be able to see that when X is in landscape mode, the test app runs buttery smooth. When in portrait mode it judders very obviously.
jetson_portrait_issues.zip (7.17 KB)

Hi guys,

Were you able to repro at your end?



We are checking it. Will update.

For more information, do you use r32.3.1 or r32.2.3?

head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

R32 (release), REVISION: 2.3, GCID: 17644089, BOARD: t186ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Tue Nov 5 21:48:17 UTC 2019



Did you guys manage to repro?



We can reproduce the issue. It is not default mode and we are checking if we can support it.

Hi robin.carlisle,

Can you reproduce issue with weight glxgears app and heavy weight bubble app?
We tried these two app are working fine and smooth.


What is “heavy weight bubble app” ?


Also, I can easily reproduce the juddering in portrait with glxgears. It judders roughly twice a second

glxgears -fullscreen

We porovide demo samples in each release. The bubble app is


We don’t observe the issue in running the app. Please give it a try. Would be great if you can develop your usecase based on the demo apps.


I have tested.

The bubble app runs perfectly in landscape, but judders around once a second) in portrait. It is easily visible. The glxgears apps also suffers visibly in portrait.

Hi robin.carlisle,

When you run bubble and glxgears apps, how do you set display in portrait mode?
Are you using System Settings -> Displays -> Rotation to change portrait mode?

Hi, we use X directly without a window manager. Full instructions and config files further up in thread. Thanks

Hi robin,

Are you able to see this issue with window manager?


I have never tested in window manager. I think to make sure I have a good test setup I will do a total reflash and start from scratch. Which version of L4T shall I go for? the latest one?

Yes, please always test on latest one.
I remembered we once had an graphic related issue year ago which would only reproduce on X but when window manager is enabled, it is gone.