Postpone qdstrm->qdrep conversion


The qdstrm->qdrep conversion can take several minutes, so we’d like to postpone it to offline processing. The current docs say “The ability to turn off auto-conversion will be added in a later version.” (Rev. 2020.1.200123). Is there a timeline for when this feature would be implemented?


We are currently in the process of making some changes that we hope will lead to us no longer needing to have multiple formats (and therefore getting rid of the conversion entirely).

I have a possible workaround for you, but I will need to confirm it.

Auto conversion of qdstrm->qdrep happens if nsys can find …/host-linux-x64/QdstrmImporter from its directory. You could simply rename the host directory or copy just the target-linux-x64 directory to the target.

Thanks Sneha, that is the workaround I was thinking about.

Thanks. Looking forward to the unified format.