Power button on the jetson orin nano


We use jetson devices in our robots and have started using the orin nano. These are used headless (no keyboard, mouse or monitor). Following the instructions, I have put a jumper and connected a button to allow powering on and off at the press of a button. This works fine with a monitor connected. If I remove the monitor, the jetson will power on, but not off, unless I keep pressing for long enough wich just crashes the jetson rather than do a clean shutdown.

Any ideas?


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If you are connected via any method which allows command lines (e.g., ssh, including over Wi-Fi, or maybe serial console…not sure how you connect), then enter the command “sudo shutdown -h now”. I’m not sure what would have to be done to correctly shutdown if you don’t have keyboard or network or serial console access. However, you are correct that if you just cut power (such as with a long press of the power button when not configured for shutdown), then this will lose content or corrupt if bad enough.

Thanks for the answer. I know that I can type this instruction, but I don’t want to have to ssh into it to shut it down properly. There is a button for that, that works when the monitor is connected. Why does this not work when the monitor is not connected. We use these as edge computers that just do some processing that is started automatically when the device is switched on (press of a button). We need them to also respond to the button press when we have finished.

I can only guess why it is this way. Along those lines, there is some hardware which runs only from a GUI login (at least by default on Ubuntu…this isn’t an “NVIDIA thing”). Wi-Fi is the biggest example. Another would be that inserting an SD card or USB thumb drive will mount in “/media” based on the identity of the user who is logged in at the GUI, and will not automount if not logged in at the GUI. The keyboard too is owned by that user. It is just a wild guess, but it is possible the power button gets a new function owned by the regular user when logged in to the GUI, but loses that function when not logged in to the GUI (reverting to some other function). I think it should be possible to make it so the power button performs a clean shutdown, but I couldn’t tell you how to do that; I think the instructions might differ when there is no GUI.

You are obviously correct. In fact, I got this to work on an old jetpack version, based on ubuntu 18.04 after much googling and finding the right options in ubuntu. The latest jetpack is based on 20.04, and I could not make it listen to the power button without a monitor attached. In the end I gave up and acquired a dummy monitor, which works.

Given that the jetson is sold as a robotics/edge computing device, it would be great if nvidia could either patch ubuntu for it to work as such or influence canonical to make this possible, without the help of additional devices that should not be necessary.

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