PREEMPT-RT patch to JetPack 4.5.1 on Jetson tx2 nx

So as flashing 4.6 consistently fails on the tx2 nx. I have installed 4.5.1 which I can do over and over with no problems. I am wondering if there is a guide to installing a realtime kernel on the tx2 nx. I plan using the board in a project that requires a realtime kernel as it will be used as a linux flight controller running arducopter.

Do you unable flash J4.6 or unable to install RT kernel on r32.6.1?

Flashing 4.6 consistently fails with a utf-8 error about 30% in or so. 4.5.1 not so much. However I have noticed that upgrading 4.5.1 by running apt-get update leaves me with a non working x server. I have disabled gdm3 for the time being. Is there an already available rt kernel for 4.5.1 available? I am not sure what rxx.x.x release 4.5.1 is.

RT kernel build by customer, didn’t available in default release package.

Can you point to resources for building the kernel for a tx2 nx. Or is it the same as a tx2?

It’s the same as TX2.


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