Prevent Xavier NX from booting off QSPI

since flashing a yocto based meta-tegra 35.4.1 …

When I flash a 32.6.1 it insists on booting from QSPI with which I am not familiar.


  • flash a 32.6.1 → works and boot
  • flash a 35.4.1 → works and boot
  • flash a 32.6.1-> boots from QSPI and fails

I would like to instruct the Xavier to boot from emmc when re-flashed with 32.6.1 system.

How can I achieve that??


Found instructions on how to Downgrade to JetPack 4.X. ( but the flashing part of the sdkmanager fails every time

( looses connection with the board mid flash)

Any suggestion appreciated

Do you mean the developer kit may be broken? If you let Xavier NX developer kit enter recovery mode, connect it to a Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 hot PC, and re-flash system image through SDKManager, it should be working well.

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