Problem to stream on PICO Neo 3

Dear people,

I wish you a happy new year.

I have a problem: I’m following the full SDK guide. First I copied the relevant data from the SDK folder into the CloudXRClient folder (I use CloudXR 3.0).


  1. Before building the project, you need to download the CloudXR SDK v3.0.
  2. Put CloudXR.aar in the directory of CloudXRClientDemo/libs, and put CloudXRClient.h , CloudXRCommon.h , CloudXRInputEvents.h in the directory of CloudXRClientDemo/libs/CloudXR/include ."

(Source: GitHub - picoxr/CloudXR_Client_Demo)

Then I was able to create the APK with Android Studio. I connected the PICO to the PC and started the app via Android Studio. However, I get stuck in a black screen. I installed the Installer.exe for Server XRCloud on the PC. According to the instructions from Nvidia, a .txt file must be created with the IP address of the server. I did that too. Now I can’t get any further and need your help ^^

I hope you can help me.

First, check with Pico, as they’ve done a custom client we don’t support directly:

Second, if everything else looks good, we’d want to see all client and server log files in hopes they indicate what is going wrong. Usually blank screen is connection issue, either wrong IP, firewall, etc.