No video stream from AWS NVIDIA CloudXR AMI

I created an NVIDIA CloudXR AMI in AWS (CloudXR 3.1) following the instructions provided. I also built the Android client to test on a Quest 2. The client connects to the AWS instance, but I only see a teal screen. I can see that the tracking of the headset and controllers is working in the application running on the AWS system, but I never see the video streaming back to the headset. I have also tried using the windows client with a Rift, and had a co-worker try on his quest 2 with the same results.
I have installed the CloudXR server to a system locally, and everything works fine, so I am assuming there is something network related. I’ve attached the logs from both sides. Any ideas?


Streamer Client Log 2022-01-31 09.48.38.txt (195.2 KB)
CloudXR Client Log 2022-01-31 09.48.38.txt (3.2 KB)
Streamer Server Log 2022-01-31 14.47.31.txt (185.1 KB)
CloudXR Server - SteamVR Log 2022-01-31 14.47.31.txt (8.6 KB)

I figured out I had a remote desktop connection open to the AWS server. Switched to DCV and it works.


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Hi @jeff10 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Great that you figured out your issue and thank you very much for sharing the solution!

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