Problem with cuBlas in Microsoft Visual Studio

Hello. I am new in cuBlas and I face the following problem. In MS Visual Studio 2013 Premium I wrote a few lines of cuBLAS in order to do a few mathematical operations (mind you, I have CUDA 8.0), but when I tried to build the project, I got the following message:

ptxas fatal : Unresolved extern function ‘cublasCreate_v2’

What could be the problem?

Thank you in advance

You have to link against the cublas libraries.

Or you could just study one of the existing cublas projects that are provided with the sample codes, and emulate on of those.

If the few lines of cublas you wrote are in device code, then there are additional link requirements. That appears to be what you have done based on the error arising from ptxas. In that case, I would suggest studying the simpleDevLibCublas sample project, and duplicating that.