problem with cudart.dll


First of all - I’m really sorry, but my English is very poor…

So, I’ve got GeForce 8600 GTS and I’ve installed:

  1. Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express
  2. Cuda Driver 2.2 for 32XP (sp2)
  3. Cuda toolkit
  4. Cuda SDK
    after this, SDK browser (when I Clicking on run link displays me “can’t find cudart.dll, try to reinstall”(or something like this)

where I make a mistake? well, except for grammar =)

Your English is fine.

You need to copy the cudart.dll from the c:\CUDA\bin directory (assuming you took the default install path for the toolkit), and copy it to the directory where your application exists. Alternatively, add c:\CUDA\bin to the path.


Thanks, I’ve read about this…but it didn’t help…
I’ve install CUDA 2.1 and…it works!!! (something strange is going on… :unsure: )
really thanks for help=)