Problem with mpiexec

I am running trial version of 6.2.3 workstation on 8 node Opteron cluster. The package is installed in user mode in my home directory on master node. But all the nodes write to a single disk. So the installed compilers and mpi are accessible on all nodes. When I am running parallel version of my program, its working fine on a single machine. I tested it on different nodes and for single machine no problems. But when I am submitting jobs to different nodes from a node, then I am getting the message below

mpiexec: unable to start all procs; may have invalid machine names
remaining specified hosts:
I am not giving the machine names here. But the machine names are valid and the ip addresses are correct.


Hi Bharat,

Sounds like a configuration issue. What is the results of running “mpdtrace” and “mpdringtest”?

  • Mat

Thanks Matt,

Its my fault. I didn’t configure mpi properly. I got it working now.