Problem with nvcc -G option

I am quite new to cuda.
Currently I am using cuda 2.2 on ubuntu 64 bit machine.
when I tried to compile with -G option, I have received the below error,

$ nvcc -g -G
gcc: /usr/local/cuda/bin/ No such file or directory
gcc: warning: ‘-x c++’ after last input file has no effect
gcc: no input files

I cant find in /usr/local/cuda/bin/.

Sounds like something went wrong with your installation?

This is the contents of my ptxvars, if you wanna try copy/paste


nvcc -g -G --host-compilation=c -c -D__DEVICE_LAUCH_PARAMETERS_H__ -Xptxas -fext


typedef struct dim3_16 {

unsigned short x, y, z;

} dim3_16;

typedef struct dim2_16 {

unsigned short x, y;

} dim2_16;

shared dim3_16 threadIdx;

shared dim2_16 blockIdx;

shared dim3_16 blockDim;

shared dim2_16 gridDim;

int $gpu_registers[128];

thank you Letharion

a re-installation did solve my problem