Problems in installing drivers 535 and tensorrt on ubuntu 22.04

OS : ubuntu 22.04 LTS with kernel 6.5.0-26-generic
CPU : Intel Xeon D-1700
GPU : Nvidia RTX-A5000

I recently reinstalled Ubuntu 22.04 that its kernel is 6.5.0-26-generic on a computer powered by an Intel® Xeon® D-1700 processor and proceeded to set up my system for deep learning development. I followed the instructions in the “dGPU Setup for Ubuntu” section of the DeepStream documentation available on NVIDIA’s official website (DeepStream Quickstart). This process involved installing the NVIDIA driver (version 535.104.12), CUDA Toolkit (version 12.2), TensorRT (version, and the DeepStream SDK (version 6.4).

However, I’ve encountered several issues during the setup. Initially, while attempting to install NVIDIA driver version 535.104.12, I experienced an error (detailed in the attached images).

As a workaround, I opted to install the driver using the package manager command sudo apt install nvidia-driver-535, which completed successfully.

Subsequently, during the installation of TensorRT version, another problem arose, again detailed in the attached images.

I am seeking advice or solutions from anyone familiar with these issues. Any guidance on how to resolve these errors would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I ran into the same issue, I saw the release notes for DS 6.4 were as of December 14 2023, I down-graded from 6.5.0-26-generic to 6.2.0-39-generic (Nov 16, 2023) and the issue was resolved.

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Thank you for your reply. I use Docker to address this problem.