Problems installing legacy 96.43.23 driver on kernel 3.7.8

I have had a number of issues whilst trying to install the legacy 96.43.23 driver on kernel 3.7.8

First I had to create a link to the version.h

Then I had to patch the script to force the makefile to makefile.kbuild

Now, when nvidia-installer tries to compile to gives a number of errors.

the first 2 were resolved using replies to other topics. The third is documented in another topic (against a different driver) but without reply.

Can someone please look at this and resolve these issues permanently?

NVIDIA Linux developers are busy with something they don’t say.

Mail your request to linux-bugs AT nvidia DOT com (preferably several times).

the 96xx branch is EOL, it won’t be updated anymore. I suggest using the 3.4-lts kernel. Or you figure out how to compile the driver for newer kernels and provide a patch.

The driver is fine, as far as I know, its just the way its been packaged that’s not right. Certainly the missing link to version.h and the script error in are not faults in the driver.

The kernel changed. The driver needs to be adapted for those changes. The still supported branches (173.xx, 304.xx, mainline) will be updated by Nvidia in due time, but the 96.xx branch is EOL, so you’re on your own. You can try looking at the patches the community came up with for 304.xx and see if you can adapt them for 96.xx