Problems to execute a example in CUDA

Hi, I have the next problem, when Execute a example, I have the next Error in the command line of Linux Ubuntu
root@movil-laptop:/home/movil/NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK/bin/linux/emurelease# ./bicubicTexture
Loaded ‘lena_bw.pgm’, 512 x 512 pixels
Press ‘=’ and ‘-’ to zoom
Press number keys to change filtering mode:
1 - nearest filtering
2 - bilinear filtering
3 - bicubic filtering
Required OpenGL extensions missing.root@movil-laptop:/home/movil/NVIDIA_CUDA_SDK/bin/linux/emurelease#

I have Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

I don’t know that this error mean, if someone knows please replies me.

It means that Intel’s X driver and/or your X configuration lacks OpenGL support.

Then Do I need the nvidia target or is there kind of software to install (includes the OpenGL support) for it works?

Do U have Mesa libraby installed in ur system.

Do U have Mesa libraby installed in ur system?