Problems with CUDA examples


I have two big problem when I try to execute CUDA examples:

  1. when I try to execute “Device Query”, I get this result:

There is no device supporting CUDA

  1. when I execute all OpenGL examples, the result is the same:

ERROR: Support for necessar OpenGL extension missing

I try to find solutions on web, but nothing (especially the second problem)
I have a 9800GT, winxp professional 32 bit and CUDA driver v. 2.3
Can anybody help me???


I try to reinstall everything but the result is the same.
any idea???
Please help me


Which nVidia VIDEO Driver did you installed?

Did you try the latest driver???

I reinstall the latest driver twice.

I think the problem was began when I changed monitor.

Is it possible???

please help me. it’s dire!!!


I had simular problem with my 9800 GT but it is M (laptop) version. I found a thread on the forum (see below) where special links for notebook drivers are listed. This solved the problem in my case.

Thanks for answering VCS-3!

The post doesn’t work for me. I reinstall the lastest driver again but the problem is the same.

my troubles started since when I changed monitor. Is it possible???

It shouldn’t be no. But you could always try swapping monitors to see if that resolves your problem.

Did you make sure to completely uninstall the drivers before attempting to re-install them? I know that just installing over and old set of drivers has given me troubles before.