Problems with mobile Quadro P5200 and CUDA 9/10

I’m working on a Dell Precision 7730 mobile workstation powered by a Quadro P5200. Company also has XPS 15 9560s. On the Precision, I’m having troubles with CUDA.

First, the installation from the CUDA 10.0.130 .deb isn’t working, because Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS stays blocked on launching GDM (I think) after a reboot. Hitting CTRL + ALT + F2/F3/F4, the tty terminal keeps flickering with the [OK] [OK] services screen. And it is impossible to login on the tty terminal until the flickering stops.

Second, it seems to work when installing only the toolkit and manually installing 410.93 from a .run file. Maybe it was just luck though, I’m still investigating.

Finally and this is the biggest problem, whatever version of CUDA and drivers I use (CUDA 10, 410.93, CUDA 9, 390.XX) our app that uses CUDA keeps freezing the whole OS in the CUDA part it seems. The only solution is to hard reset the computer.

We have no problems with same Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS and CUDA 10.0.130 .deb installed on the XPS 15 9560s.

I would recommend using the latest 418.81 driver released yesterday.

Regarding the flickering, this may be due to the driver install corrupting the intel display driver stack. You could try installing using the runfile installer with the No opengl libraries option:

For deployment on laptops, the general recommendation is to get your GPU driver from the laptop manufacturer. Use the latest one. And use whatever CUDA toolkit installer is compatible with that driver, while deselecting the option to install the driver.

Dell doesn’t provide any drivers for Ubuntu other than the 390.25 that come with the factory image. Otherwise they provide a driver for RHEL 7.5 that is the 390.48, which is not too far from 390.25.

I’m starting to think the laptop has a GPU issue, as benchmarks like Unigine Heaven freeze after 30ish seconds to 1 minute of benchmarking.

Hello, I am also suffering the same issue with my Precision 7730. I am not able to use GPU. I have reported it here:

On our side, we had to RMA our Precision 7730, because the GPU was not working properly. It was more obvious after disabling switchable graphics in the BIOS