Problems with multiple OpenGL applications running simultaneously with 375.20 on a GTX970

Is there a recommended path of downgrading? Or is it as simple as downloading the previous driver and running the script with sh --dkms?

It would depend greatly on the distribution, I believe Ubuntu will have some PPAs and others like Fedora may not have updated it yet. Even Nvidia knows that the binary from the site may not be the best way to do it:

“Note that many Linux distributions provide their own packages of the NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver in the distribution’s native package management format. This may interact better with the rest of your distribution’s framework, and you may want to use this rather than NVIDIA’s official package.”(quote from the download page).


I don’t have an exact date, but mid-December is the expected release date. In the meantime please use 375.10.

As people have already said not everyone have the capability of switching to 375.10, unless you’re suggesting people make a manual downgrade that can render the full system useless if not done to perfection, with it not even being able to launch in graphical mode.

I mean, go blame your distributions for making it “stable” (presumably due to xorg-1.19 compat).
Latest drivers often have quirks and most users never know because distros don’t push them into stable without propper testing on “early adopters” (read “gentoo users”, third party PPA ubuntu users).

I run latest drivers on current master kernel for years and quirks happen often, no reason to be mad about nvidia fellas.

While you are right when it comes to distros and packaging choices, and we’ve eventually seen that in the past, even with open source software - I for once remember pulseaudio being integrated way too early in Ubuntu, thus creating all the hateful comments about it - having open source drivers would have given us a chance to backport the fix in the mean time.

But whatever, it’s truly useless to insult anyone about the situation. Bugs happen, if you see what I mean ;-) Still nothing compared to the mess that happened when people switched to Windows 10…

Are we getting closer to a release date for the updated driver? I am bit shocked that it has to take several weeks until we get a fix.

They said mid-December for a new release, and 4 weeks seems to be their normal cycle for releases, so…

It seems like 375.26 just got released ( )

I am now waiting for arch to update their repo, will switch as soon as I can and report back!


The OpenGL issue seems to be resolved now. Could not reproduce it within 2 hours.

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375.26 seem to have fixed the problem for me.

Yes! We have fixed this issue in 375.26 driver. Thanks all for your support and patience :-)

Hate to re-open an old thread, but at the same time hate to make a new one regarding this very issue… It’s still occurs on my KDE Plasma desktop. Plasma will crash, Window Borders and Decorations crash, causing them to disappear and all windows to clutter to one virtual desktop where they are unable to be moved. I cant use old drivers either, or else ill have to rollback a bunch of other stuff like xorg-server .