Problems with NVIDIA L4 on windows server VM (instant NERF)

Hi! I have the Nvidia L4 GPU on the Windows server 2022 in VM Google Cloud, and I can’t change the settings GPU in the control panel (screen attached). How to use GPU L4 by default instead of the integrated?
My GPU NVIDIA L4 drivers are new (for windows server 2022).

And NVIDIA L4 GPU does not show in taskmanager and graphics preference, only in device manager and Nvidia control panel (screen attached).

Does anyone know how it can be solved? The error prevents Instant Nefr from starting:

(ngp) C:\Users\yan\ngp\instant-ngp>C:\Users\yan\ngp\instant-ngp\build\instant-ngp.exe --scene data/wa
09:16:25 SUCCESS Initialized CUDA. Active GPU is #0: NVIDIA L4 [89]
09:16:25 INFO Loading NeRF dataset from
09:16:25 INFO data\wa\transforms.json
09:21:00 SUCCESS Loaded 516 images after 4m34s
09:21:00 INFO cam_aabb=[min=[-0.92625,-1.22333,0.233323], max=[1.96481,1.85531,0.753785]]
09:22:07 ERROR GLFW error #65542: WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL
09:22:07 ERROR Uncaught exception: GLFW window could not be created.

Thank you for your attention and sorry if I chose the wrong topic.

it looks like the drivers are still raw for this GPU and it’s in preview. Works on another GPU.

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